Groups in Kissimmee Mobilize Latino Voters

KISSIMMEE --  For some Hispanic voters like Alexandra Perez, choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is not an easy task. Read more

1.5 million voters are missing in Florida—and it could be the difference between Trump and Clinton

TAMPA—Reva Iman is a pillar in her community. “Hi, Ms. Reva!” a gang of kindergarten-aged children screamed in unison, as we walked through the Robles Park Village public housing projects, one of the city’s oldest, on an overcast day in October. Iman, the complex’s resident council president, seemed to greet people with every step she took in this palm tree-lined neighborhood. She asked them about their day, she asked after their families, and most importantly, she asked whether they’d registered to vote. Read more

Que Vote Mi Gente' Coalition Opens Kissimmee Office to Rally Puerto Rican Voters

The path to the White House runs through Florida, and more and more, political analysts predict the key to winning the Sunshine State lies with the Puerto Rican community in Central Florida.  Read more

The Fight on the Ground

Donald Trump's get out the vote operation doesn't compare to Hillary Clinton's. Does it matter? Read more

Organize Now to open new Kissimmee field office to mobilize Hispanic vote Thursday evening

Desiring to drive up Hispanic voter turnouts, local progressive group Organize Now is opening a new field office in the heart of Kissimmee tonight at 6 p.m. Read more

Groundswell of grassroots organizing mobilizes Puerto Rican voters in Florida

Latino leaders and civic organizations from across the Central Florida region and the nation launched “Que Vote Mi Gente,” a new coalition to mobilize Puerto Rican voters, one of the newest power constituencies in American politics. Puerto Ricans moving from the island to the mainland are one of the fastest growing communities in Central Florida, thereby one of the most newly influential demographic groups in the key swing state. Yet their unique concerns—with the exception of momentary national attention surrounding the debt crisis this past Summer—have often been ignored by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Read more

Hundreds march against Climate Change and Corporate Greed in Orlando

On Saturday, Hundreds of young activists from across the Southeast came together to march against climate change and a tourism industry, they believe exploits low wage workers in exchange for billions in profits. Read more

“Que Vote Mi Gente,” coalition looks to mobilize Puerto Rican voters in I4 Corridor

On Thursday, Latino leaders and progressive civic organizations from across the Central Florida region launched “Que Vote Mi Gente,” a new coalition to mobilize Puerto Rican voters. Read more

Learn more than 'Dónde está la biblioteca' with bilingual meetup in East Orlando

Learning a new language as an adult can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. It's not enough to know the correct way to pronounce a word or where to put an accent mark—you've got to know how to confidently hold a fluent conversation, and in academic-leaning classes, that's often the part that gets left behind.  Read more

FIRE and Fluente Partnership to Brings Language Education to Orlando

On Thursday night, members of the community came together in East Orlando to try and bridge the language gap in the diverse Central Florida region with English and Spanish Language training provided in cooperation by Fluente and the Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment. Read more