Eviction Assistance


Your landlord is never allowed to evict you without a court order. If your landlord tells you to leave your home before a judge orders you to, you do not have to move out. These protections apply regardless of your immigration status.


The Center for Disease Control prohibits landlords from evicting certain tenants who can’t pay rent through the end of 2020. To be protected, every adult in your household must send a signed declaration to your landlord.

Visit covid19evictionforms.com to fill out a declaration online. Spanish and Haitian Creole translations are also available.

You are eligible if you:

  •     do your best to apply for rent and housing assistance from government programs
  •     If you received a stimulus check or earn no more than $99,000 this year ($198,000 for joint filers)
  •     can’t pay your full rent because you lost work
  •     make partial rent payments, when possible
  •     and an eviction would leave you homeless

Read the declaration carefully, it is a crime to use it if you know the terms do not apply to you.

Even if you aren’t eligible for the CDC moratorium, you can still reach out to your landlord to make a deal. Use this negotiation toolkit for tips and sample letters.


Florida courts are processing eviction cases. If your landlord files an eviction case against you, you have a chance to defend yourself, but you must act quickly.

Once you receive papers from the court, you will have five business days to respond in writing and tell the court why you shouldn’t be evicted.

If you send your landlord a declaration, you’ll have a legal defense you can raise in your response.


Contact an attorney immediately if your landlord files an eviction case against you.

If you can’t find a lawyer, you still must send a response to the court. Go to floridaevictionhelp.org for help writing your response and asking for a hearing.

Watch the video below for help uploading your completed response to the court’s e-filing portal.



Even if you are protected from eviction right now, you still owe rent. Join the fight to cancel rent, tenants are organizing in:

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