About Us

Organize Florida is a community-based, nonprofit member organization of low and moderate income people dedicated to the principles of social, racial, and economic justice and the promotion of an equal and fair Florida for all.

Organizing Our Community One Door at a Time

Our dedicated organizers and members bring communities together, one door at a time, to join in the fight for safe neighborhoods, healthy families, quality education, good jobs, justice, equality and a more representative democracy.

Building a Movement of Leaders

Our members have access to multiple leadership development trainings, develop ideas and solutions to community needs, and are given the tools needed to affect changes in our communities. With the help of our experienced staff, our members decide on the issues and campaigns we work on and play an active role in community development.

Holding Our Government Accountable

Our campaigns, from standing with children and families to the de-prioritization of marijuana, and turning out the most Latinos ever in a national election have propelled Florida to the national spotlight and we remain committed to exposing injustice and holding our leaders accountable.

Taking Action

Our work helps to strengthen democracy, justice, accountability and equality for workers, families and communities. We don’t meet for the sake of meeting, we meet to take action that will help move our priorities forward. Stand up, speak out, and organize Florida — now.