Hurricane Irma Preparedness



Dear Organize Florida Community,

As Hurricane Irma approaches, we are sending our deepest thoughts and prayers for your safety and well-being. Florida is likely to be impacted by this powerful storm, however once the storm has passed, I want to assure you that Organize Florida will be here to help you and your families recover and regain a sense of normalcy

Our mission at Organize Florida is dedicated to uplifting our allies and communities, and we will do everything possible to make sure our staff are fully supported. Plans for this have already been put in place, and just like any other setback we have faced, we will come together and rebuild once the storm has passed. 

For now, please use the resources provided below, and focus on being with loved ones and remaining safe. On behalf of the Organize Florida Family, I thank you for everything you do to empower our communities. 

Yours in Service, 


Chevalier Lovett

Sr. Vice President & Managing Director






Click the map below to find additional resources: 




Click the map below to find additional resources: 




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